Dyson Vs Kirby: Which Is The Better Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Dyson Vs Kirby

Dyson and Kirby both vacuum cleaners are so good with their own quality in marketplace. Both are the highest selling vacuum cleaners. Every time when a customer goes to buy a vacuum cleaner, they are confused about these two as both are so good in their own way.

In one hand, Kirby has the highest efficiency motor which even works on full dust but even though it doesn’t loose power.

On the other hand, Dyson which has also a high powerful motor that doesn’t lose power also. But if we compare this two, we will be going to see that costumers are using Kirby more than Dyson vacuum cleaners.

As most of the customer use vacuum cleaners in their house properly, where Kirby vacuum cleaners can perform better in order to Dyson vacuum cleaners.

During household cleaning works people can also clean their sofa, carpets, chairs and other furniture through Kirby vacuum cleaners but they can’t do this kind of work with the Dyson vacuum cleaners.


If we compare Dyson and Kirby vacuum cleaner with their motor that being used to making these vacuum cleaners.

We can see that Kirby vacuum cleaner use direct motor to maintain the quality of their product. On the other hand, Dyson vacuum cleaner are also strong, but they mainly use bypass motors which are also known as air motor.

Kirby has the direct air machine which control the airflow and has more airflow on the floor head because on Kirby vacuum the fan is located few inches away from the carpet.

Which Vacuum Is Reasonable Between The Two?

Both Dyson and Kirby vacuum cleaners are so costly. But if we compare the prices among these two, we can see that Kirby vacuums are more costly than Dyson. Literally one can buy two Dyson vacuum cleaners with the cost of one Kirby vacuum cleaners.

Which Vacuum Is Reasonable Between The Two

For Kirby, if someone wants to buy a brand-new Kirby vacuum cleaner than one must spend between 800-1200 dollars depending on the model of Kirby. On the other hand, a Dyson vacuum cleaner cost among 250-500 dollars depending on the model of Dyson.

Warranty And Return Policy

Kirby vacuum cleaners provide lifetime warranty on the other hand Dyson doesn’t had that policy. But Dyson had a Cord-free 90 days Money back guarantee.

If any customer faces any problem with the vacuum or doesn’t satisfied customer can return it and can have the full refund but term and conditions applied. but this only can happen within 30 days after buying the product.

But In case of Kirby Vacuum cleaners they provide lifetime warrantee and they also provide full refund to the customers if they are not satisfied with the vacuum cleaners without the application of any term and conditions.

Which Vacuum Is Better And Why

After having surveys and seeing reviews where Linea reviewed both products, we can say that compression of these two vacuum cleansers Kirby vacuum cleaner is better than Dyson vacuum cleaners.

  • Kirby vacuum has more powerful motor than Dyson vacuum cleaners.
  • Kirby vacuums can perform better than Dyson vacuum cleaners.
  • Kirby vacuums can also clean sofa, carpets, furniture whish is not possible with Dyson.
  • Kirby vacuums offered lifetime warrantee where Dyson doesn’t offer lifetime warrantee.
  • If any customer doesn’t satisfy with Kirby, they refund the full amount, but Dyson doesn’t have this policy.

Dyson and Kirby both vacuums are so good with their own price if we saw which is reasonable, we can say that Dyson is reasonable but if we say which vacuum can provide us more quality than it will be Kirby. So, Kirby vacuums are better than Dyson in comparison of quality.